Someone To Trust launches tomorrow. But you can preorder yours today at Pelican Book Group or Amazon.

@Pammyburke Hello. Thank you for joining us, I pray all is well with you

If you’re an author on here from Pelican Book Group reach our to me please, so we can connect!

Welcome to all our new members! Invite your friends and family! Let’s show Facebook and Twitter we don’t need them!

I've heard that stock in Twitter is dropping like a rock.

Start inviting your friends and family to this platform. Leave the censorship behind...

Merry Christmas! May you all be filled with peace and love during this season and into the New Year!

I just got the figures in from charisma and the numbers from the network and media platforms. We reached over 124000 views and downloads through our media this year. This does not include the 700 club or Hope Has a Name and other movies on God tv and multiple other outlets. These were the trackable numbers Through the first of December

Facebook has deactivated my account and locked me out for not following their guidelines, I haven’t even posted in a while???

The biggest challenge we are going to have is getting people to overcome their addiction to FB.

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