These monsters intend to extend lockdown until 2025. Biden will Goosestep with the best of them.

Who would try to make it illegal to own body armor including helmets? Someone who cares about your safety? Or someone who wants to make sure that you will not survive a bullet?

Interview with Dr. David Martin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Rocco Galati and Judy Mickovits PhD

This bill is being pushed into NY law right now. It authorizes the Governor to put people in prison if they are infected with ANY communicable disease.
All 10 people who presided over America's illegal wars for decades come together to push their noses into the constitutional affairs of their government, long after lawful retirement. They've spent their entire careers deciding, through tomahawk missiles, which international leaders shall not remain in positions of power. Must they also cross the Rubicon, as well, and bring their regime management skills to the domestic affairs of their own sovereign nation?

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