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For many, opting out of the property system, and also out of the money system, in general, might be the only way to continue owning their own privacy, tantamount to having your own identity. If someone owns all of your data, your own identity is merely a label on the actual life of meaning and value that someone else actually owns in a productive and profitable way. No property is bad enough because it amounts to homelessness. No privacy, however, actually means no you.

Pfizer and others are requiring control over a nation's military base in order to deliver their products... they also require that no civil liability would be allowed against them in that nation's courts... the same nations who financed the development of the same products in the first place. Those same nations must forfeit their assets abroad to Pfizer. All of this is hiding behind a media storm that paints these Big Pharma giants as saviors.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-08 reading is Ezekiel 37-40.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-07 reading is Ezekiel 33-36.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-06 reading is Ezekiel 29-32.

Germany To Begin Construction On Chrislam 'House Of One' For One World Religion Worship Services That Will Also Include Atheists • Now The End Begins

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-02 reading is Ezekiel 13-16.

Twitter's definition of free speech requires allegiance to NATO, or you're out...

Opinion: -‘Undermining' faith in NATO’ is now grounds for Twitter ban

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