More Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Clinics Hit Pause — 18 People Suffer Reactions at N.C. Site, 4 Hospitalized • Children's Health Defense

‘Unlawful assembly’ declared, tear gas fired as protesters besiege Brooklyn Center police department in defiance of curfew — RT USA News

Greetings Church family. Todays Bible reading April 9th Genesis 22-24 & Matthew 7

Listen carefully to what is being said...

Indeed, if everyone rebels and opens their society, then what's the carrot? It's just hard to imagine that government is publicly speaking about people this way.

Nazi apartheid controls Jews, again. Israel has become a ghetto.

Watch "OUTCRY TO THE WORLD, FROM ISRAEL!!! (NL+ENG subtitles)" on YouTube

Greetings Church Family and Bible lovers, todays reading is April, 3 Genesis 1-3 & Matthew 1

The new plan will take us through the entire Bible again this year ending on 12-31-2021. It combines the Old and the New Testament for the first 260 days and then the last 10 days we will conclude the Old Testament.

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. 929 in the OT & 260 Chapters in the NT.

Enjoy the Journey.

Blessings Church Family! Today's April 2 reading is Malachi 1-4 and congratulations because this will be the last 4 chapters in the bible reading for this cycle. You have read the entire bible if you kept up with our reading plan.

Israeli holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (German lawyer) - Global Genocide

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