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Blessings Church Family! March 22nd's reading is Obadiah 1, Jonah 1-3 .

When you fill your spirit with godly content, it can encourage your faith and strengthen you in the armor of God. If you’re looking for Christ-centered TV and video content, check out CGM Network! We feature Christian and patriotic documentaries, videos, interviews, worship, and talk shows.

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Richard P Feynman, who lucidly remarked that "genius is genetically determined because you inherit it from your children", also profoundly revealed that "science is the belief in the ignorance of experts". We should keep this in mind when listening to the only experts we are allowed to listen to these days, the WHO and all the untested monkeys it employs.

Arguments regarding "variants" of a yet unidentified yet declared "virus" (which is most likely a bacteria that might be treated with antibiotics) are being used to abandon all the injections that have so far been developed at huge expense to taxpayers, without a refund of course, and to invest heavily in a new "super vaccine" that will almost entirely retire our own immune system and replace it with a subscription based regiment of perpetual "social vaccinology".

CGM has topped 330,000 viewers in 41 Countries

Blessings Church Family! Today's reading is Hosea 13-14 and Joel 1-2.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-16 reading is Hosea 5-8.

Starvation is being legislated in our own markets, in our own names...

Watch "They're Coming for your Animals -- UK confirms gassing chickens" on YouTube

Zionist soldiers against Antisemitism teach vaccine extremists how to run a tight campaign of public insults, social shaming, general name calling, and institutionalized commercial boycotting, all in the name of building "consensus", instead of evidence, that vaccination, now only an act of loyalty to ignorance, provides benefits and not harm.

If you've read Someone To Trust, would love for you to review it. It really helps out. If you haven't you can get your copy on Amazon or Pelican Book Group.
Someone To Trust by Lesa Henderson.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-11 reading is Daniel 5-8.

Hello Church Family. Today's 03-11 reading is Daniel 1-4.

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